This E shop is a developement from our long established Poole Pottery and Hornsea Replacement Service.

When that business started over 18 years ago, it traded only in discontinued tableware produced by Poole Pottery and Hornsea. Over the years however, we were constantly asked to source items made by other manufacturers, so trading widened to cater for Royal Doulton, Denby, Hornsea, Noritake, Johnson Bros. and most other manufacturers.

The nature of the business was that clients would ask us to locate specific items for them. In reality, when we located such items, we almost invariably had to purchase other items of the relevant pattern at the same time, thus building up a huge stock of discontinued tableware.

This new E shop now displays all of the items that we currently have in stock. If the item that you require is not displayed, please visit the shop again soon, as our stock is constantly changing.


We may be interested in purchasing your unwanted tableware. However, we will only purchase items that are in perfect "as new" condition. Items with scratches, fading, chips, cracks, crazing etc will alway be rejected. If you have items for sale in appropriate condition, please email us at with a list of those items and with the area from which any potential collection would need to be made. We will then let you know if we are able to make an offer.

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