Denby Potters Wheel (Rust)


Denby Pottery produced Potters Wheel for many years, and its rustic charm has made it popular with successive generations. Normally recognised by its rust coloured decor, Potters Wheel was also produced in smaller quantities with yellow and with blue decor. All of these colour variations in Potters Wheel have now been discontinued by Denby Pottery for some while, so it has become increasingly difficult to obtain items in good condition.  Make your selection while we have items of Potters Wheel available.

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Denby Potters Wheel Dinner Plate
Stock Level:  8
Denby Potters Wheel Large Mug
Stock Level:  1
Denby Potter's Wheel Mug
Stock Level:  1
Denby Potters Wheel Sugar Bowl
Stock Level:  2
Denby Potters Wheel Teapot, Large
Stock Level:  1
Denby Pottery Potters Wheel Coffee Pot
Stock Level:  1
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