Denby Reflex


Reflex is one of the more elegant of recent Denby Pottery tableware patterns. However, it has now become very difficult to obtain in good condition.

If you need to find replacements for your set of Denby Pottery Reflex, make sure that you purchase items while we still have some in such good condition.

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Denby Pottery Reflex Large Jug
Stock Level:  2
Denby Reflex Blue Tea Plate
Stock Level:  2
Dby Pottery Reflex Standard Saucers
Stock Level:  10
Denby Pottery Reflex Cups
Stock Level:  0
Denby Pottery Reflex Cups, Blue Inside
Stock Level:  0
Denby Pottery Reflex Lidded Sugar Bowls
Stock Level:  1
Denby Pottery Reflex Mugs
Stock Level:  0
Denby Pottery Reflex Jugs, Half Pint
Stock Level:  2
Denby Pottery Reflex Tea Pots
Stock Level:  0
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