Denby/Langley Chatsworth


Chatsworth was produced by Denby Pottery for many years. The rich blue colouring used in the Chatsworth pattern was typical of the rich blues used by Denby, and helped to make this a very popular pattern. Some of the earlier productions were issued with the Langley back stamp.

However, Denby ceased production of the Chatsworth pattern many years ago and it has now become very difficult to  obtain items in good condition. Make sure that you top up your collection while we are still able to offer items in such excellent condition.

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Denby/Langley Chatsworth Dinner Plate
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Denby/Langley Chatsworth Tea Plate
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Denby/Langley Chatsworth Cream Jug
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Denby/Langley Chatsworth Milk Jug
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Denby/Langley Chatsworth Tea Saucer
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Denby/Langley Chatsworth Butter Dish
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Denby Regency Cutlery - Blue Soup Spoon
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