Hornsea Pottery Palatine

Palatine tableware was produced by Hornsea Pottery in the mid 1970's. Much of it was sold through John Lewis. It has now become quite difficult to find, so top up your stock of Palatine tableware while we have it available.
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Hornsea Pottery Palatine Dinner Plates
Stock Level:  0
Hornsea Palatine Tea Plate
Stock Level:  6
Hornsea Palatine Cereal/Soup Bowl
Stock Level:  0
Hornsea Palatine Tea Cup
Stock Level:  10
Hornsea Palatine Tea Saucer
Stock Level:  8
Hornsea Pottery Palatine Milk Jug
Stock Level:  1
Hornsea Pottery Palatine Gravy Jug
Stock Level:  0
Hornsea Pottery Palatine Egg Cup
Stock Level:  3
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