Poole Pottery Chestnut Small Teapot (No Lid)

Poole Pottery Chestnut Small Teapot (No Lid)

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Poole Pottery Chestnut Teapot (No Lid)

SIZE: 5.75" tall (no lid); 1.75 pints
(Sizes are approximate.) 

This is an attractive teapot from the popular Chestnut range of Poole Pottery. Sadly this teapot is missing it's lid as is therefore sold as a spare base.

Chestnut was one of the "Compact" series of patterns, designed by Robert Jefferson and first produced by Poole Pottery in the mid 1960's. It was a very practical style, designed to stack easily and safely.  The range was discontinued by Poole Pottery many years ago and has now become very difficult to obtain in good condition. Do not miss the opportunity to purchase these rare items.

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