Royal Albert Old Country Roses Dessert Bowls

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Royal Albert Old Country Roses Dessert Bowls

Royal Albert, Old Country Roses dessert/cereal bowls. These bowls measure just over six inches in diameter across the top and are in excellent condition. The back stamp indicates that these Old Country Roses bowls were manufactured in England.

Royal Albert's Old Country Roses pattern has sold in greater quantities than almost any other pattern of tableware. It was first produced in 1962, based on a design by Harold Holdcroft. It was produced in the Montrose shape and is gilded in 22k gold. Production was ceased in the UK many years ago and the only current production of Old Country Roses is manufactured in the far east. We are told by many of our clients that they are not happy with the quality of the foreign produced ranges so we only stock the items manufactured in the UK. Always check the back stamp of items of Old Country Roses to ensure that your purchases are UK produced.

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