Wade Drumbletum Tankard

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Wade "The Drumbletum" Tankard
A rather unusual tankard produced by Wade in the "Cranky Tankards" range. They were produced in the late 1940's and early 1950's. Please see the photographs to view the cartoon character on the front of the tankard. The inscription says
"The Drumbletum's capacity is really quite abnormal
he'll drink ten quarts of bitter in a manner most informal; Such recklessness has made him quite liverish and spotted - his doctor says his bloodstream is definitely clotted."
This item stands just under 5" tall and has a diameter across the top of just over 3.5". It is generally in good condition for its age, without chips or cracks. As so often with these items there is some crazing to the glaze. The price has been adjusted accordingly.

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