Matching Your China

If your china is discontinued and no longer available in the stores, you have come to the right place. Here's what to do: - 

Step 1 - Check our store

Browse our website and see if we have the items you are seeking in stock. If we do, you can either purchase them now or add them to your Wish List so you can come back later and buy them (or ask someone else to!)

Step 2 - Register on our website

If you have found the items you are seeking on our website but we are out of stock, simply click on the blue button which looks like reads "Notify me when this item is available".

Then simply add your email address and we will automatically notify you when the items are next in stock.

Step 3 - Register to go on our 'wanted list'

If you cannot find the items you are seeking on our website, it may be we have not had them in stock before. However, we are getting new items in every day and we will be happy to try and find them for you. Simply let us know what items you are seeking through our contact form. Don't forget to let us know both the name of the manufacturer/brand and the name of the pattern of the pieces you are seeking.