More About Condition

We take condition very seriously at Replace Your China and aim to ensure you receive your replacement tableware in the condition you are expecting.

First of all it is important to understand that discontinued lines can normally only be sourced from the second-hand marketplace. As such, it is likely that they have been used and a certain level of wear is to be expected. However, we endeavour to keep this to a minimum.

We never sell anything with chips, cracks, nicks or crazing. In terms of day to day wear, unless otherwise described in the product description you can assume the items to be in Excellent condition. The following is a guide to our condition grades.

3 STARS ( * * * ) - EXCELLENT

3 Stars ( * * * ) - Excellent condition refers to pieces which are either "near new" or with only slight surface wear consistent with light to normal use. These pieces may have very light cutlery scratching and/or very slight fading of the main pattern/colour. They will usually be firsts, but on occasion may have very minor manufacturing blemishes which you would not normally notice without close inspection. Some pieces may be back-stamped as seconds but it would not be easy to see why.


2 Stars ( * * ) - Slightly More Wear condition is as above but with a higher degree of wear than we feel comfortable describing as 'Excellent'. They should still however, be in very good condition, and will likely be as good, if not better than the pieces on your own table (assuming intermediate to day to day use). Pieces may include some light to moderate scratching, minor pitting/scuffing and/or slight fading of the main pattern/colour. Gilded pieces may have minor wear to the gilding (but with no significant gaps),


2 Stars ( * * ) - Noticeable Seconds refer to otherwise 3 Star or borderline 3/2 Star pieces, which are more noticeable seconds than we feel comfortable describing as Excellent. They may for example have minor blemishes or firing flaws which, while not obvious, would likely be noticed on quick inspection.


1 Star ( * ) - Obvious Seconds / Wear are rare on our website as we don't actively seek to sell these unless 3 Star and 2 Star pieces are very hard to come by. When we do sell them, they may have more wear, consistent with moderate to heavy use. This could include moderate cutlery scratching, scuffing/pitting of the glaze and/or fading of the main pattern or background and in the case of patterns with gilding minor wear which may include gaps in the trim. It is also possible that they will be in Excellent condition but be an obvious second.

NB. The above is a guide as to how we grade our stock. This is our default position. In the case of patterns or pieces which are much rarer and harder to find, it is sometimes necessary to accept a wider degree of latitude on condition. For example, dinner plates in Denby "Colonial Blue" are very hard to come by. We therefore, tend to grade a wider variety of seconds as being 3 Stars when they are in otherwise Excellent condition. Similarly, on more vintage, rare designs, we may accept a greater degree or wear to the gilding, within 3 star, on patterns which are near impossible to find in perfect condition.


Very occasionally we obtain new 'end of line' stock straight from the pottery or retailers. These items are firsts unless otherwise stated.