Poole Pottery Transfer Plate, Hunting for Deer

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Poole Pottery Transfer Plate, Hunting for Deer

This very scarce Poole Pottery Transfer plate displays a picture of two men in a canoe, hunting for deer. The title of the painting is displayed near the bottom of the picture and is "Hunting for deer". Under that title is the name "Currier & Ives". Currier and Ives were a prolific New York printmaking firm, producing prints from many fine artists.
This plate is in excellent condition and has a diameter of approximately six inches. The reverse of this plate is  stamped with the  Poole logo.

Poole Pottery produced most of its transfer plates from open stock patterns in the 1980's and 1990's. Poole do not seem to have kept a comprehensive list of the patterns that they produced, so the many collectors of these transfer plates are constantly on the lookout for additional plates to add to their collections. Prices are now rising steadily, so make sure that you add to your collection before new aquisitions become too expensive.

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